Little Chapel

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The Little Chapel

In 1913 Brother Deodat, a de la Salle Brother, arrived in Guernsey to reside at Le Vauxbelets (Pretty Little Valley). He decided to build a grotto similar to the one at Lourdes. In March 1914, he built the chapel but after criticism from his fellow Brothers, he demolished it overnight. Brother Deodat soon began a second Chapel which was finished in July 1914.

When the Bishop of Portsmouth visited in 1923 he could not fit through the door to admire it so Brother Deodat demolished it soon after.

The third and existing Little Chapel began soon after. Using broken china and shells, including the locally found ormer shell, Brother Deodat continued his labour of love for several years. It became famous after an article in the Daily Mirror and visitors came from all over the world to see the amazing detail. Recently, the Little Chapel has been mentioned in the book “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society” so it’s appeal is even greater.

Only basic materials were available at the time of the original build. Erosion and subsidence has naturally taken place, this is continuous and needs constant repairs and maintance which is ongoing and run by the Trustees of Blanchelande College which is situated behind the Little Chapel.